Who are we? Get to know Clove Hitch's story.

Over 30 years ago, in Clove Hitch, we've been working in the field of ready-made garments. We established our factory in early 2002 and specialized in the manufacture of classic men's shirts. Our products were distributed nationwide from Alexandria to Aswan.

With political and economic developments and changes such as the floating of the pound, change was needed and imperative to keep up with the market, so we started making new products such as casual shirts, and T-shirts of all kinds, Salwar (trousers) and other products that had begun to emerge recently, and we have worked with more than 15 different brands with various ideas and models.

In September 2018, we started working on our brand, Clove Hitch. We identified our client and the target people to be more towards the smart-casual category. After many studies, challenges and difficulties to enter the field and compete, we began to prove the quality of our products, whether as high-quality raw materials or a finish that matches the international finish, thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the field. (See what our customers have to say here)

Now, more than 3 years after the establishment of the first Clove Hitch brand production line, we also manufacture our materials, starting with choosing the type of yarn (long-fiber Egyptian cotton) and choosing the appropriate fabric specification for the model, then choosing the drawings, colors and dyeing the yarn and then Weaving and finally processing phase.

All previous phases are carried out at the highest level of quality and professionalism to ensure the quality and distinction of the material. The fabric is tested for shrinkage and color stability to ensure the quality of the material is completely safe before starting manufacturing. And then, our role comes with the manufacturer in cutting the cloth, choosing the appropriate pattern (dress-up), and assembling the product, and implementing the required model. We have the most skilled and specialized workers to sew our products in the best possible quality, to get a distinctive, high-quality product that Clove Hitch customers deserve.

We consider all the international standards required to produce a piece of clothing with international specifications that can compete with the imported international brands. We are always proud that our products are 100% Egyptian, from spinning to manufacturing.

Make sure that when you buy any Clove Hitch product, you get the best value (the best quality for the price) and that the effort in every detail only comes out because of our love for the field and our happiness when we see our customer's satisfaction with our products.

We always try to raise the level in all aspects and master our work as much as possible. Our customers have the highest priority and serve them both before and after the sale. We welcome any criticism or problem-solving by contacting us on 01101033320 or sending an email at clovehitchwear@gmail.com or contact us on our Facebook page https://www.fb.com/CloveWear

We hope to meet your expectations.

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