Do you have a question? Here are all the frequent questions you may need an answer to.

1. I have already placed an order; when will it arrive?
The order will be confirmed automatically, and we will only contact you if there is incomplete information, such as address or phone number. Normally, delivery will be within 2-3 days for all governorates except Upper Egypt, South Sinai, Red Sea, and Matrouh within 3-4 days, not including holidays and official holidays.

2. How can I track the order I made?
You can contact us via WhatsApp on the shipping tracking number 01101013299 or on our Facebook page with the order number or the registered mobile number, and we will tell you the approximate arrival time.

3. Is it available for replacement or return?
Of course, you have 14 days to replace or return the order without giving any reason and 30 days if any product has a problem or manufacturing defect.

4. How is the replacement process done?
By contacting us via WhatsApp at 01101013299 or 01101033320 or by contacting us on our Facebook page and sending the order details (name, registered mobile number, and products to be replaced) and your replacement request will be confirmed with you and delivered to you within 2-4 days. The representative will deliver you the new size and pick up the old size at the same time, only paying the shipping cost.

5. How is the return process done?
By contacting us via WhatsApp at 01101013299 or 01101033320 or by contacting us on our Facebook page and sending the order details (name, registered mobile number, and products to be returned) and your return request will be confirmed, our courier will contact you within 2-3 days to pick up the order and deliver the amount paid in cash deducted from the shipping costs for the first time only.

6. Is it available for inspection, or try it on while the representative is with me?
Yes, it is available. You can inspect the product and size before receiving it, and if there is any problem, you can refuse the order; only you will pay the shipping costs.

7. Is it available for replacement from the branch?
Yes, you can visit us anytime within 14 days of the date of receipt and replace it from the branch, and it is preferable to contact us first to make sure the pieces to be replaced are available.

8. What are the branches available now?
Currently, our only branch in Nasr City is 8 Mohamed Tawfiq Diab Street, branching off from Hassanein Heikal, parallel to Abbas Al-Akkad. The branch location is exactly on Google Maps:

9. Can I know what is available in the branch before going?
Of course, you can contact us on 01101013299 or 01101033320 or our Facebook page and tell us the product you want, and we will tell you if it is available in the branch or not.

10. Is the product Egyptian or imported?
The product is 100% Egyptian, the raw material was spun and dyed with the strongest spinning and weaving factories in Egypt, and the cutting and tailoring were done in our factory by the most skilled technicians with international specifications.

11. Is the product in the pictures the one I will receive?
Of course, all the pictures on our website or page are real pictures, and our 100% photography; we do not like to mislead our customers with different or unmatched pictures.

12. What are the payment methods available?
Cash on delivery is available, and payment is available through Visa cards online or the electronic wallet.

13. Is it available to order wholesale?
Wholesale orders are available directly from the factory; you can contact us on WhatsApp at the wholesale sales manager's number to know all the details: 01101013255.

14. Do you have any other questions?
If you have any questions or inquiries that are not clear, do not hesitate to contact us on our numbers 01101013299 or 01101033320 or on our Facebook page. We will be happy to receive any inquiries.

15. Do you have a complaint?
Do not hesitate to narrate any complaint or suggestion on the number 01101033320, and we will solve it as much as we can, Insha'Allah.